Do you know what consumers think about your product and how they really see your product? Ensure product quality and make sure that your product corresponds to consumers’ needs because customers opinion is the bottom line for product success. At the same time you will know how your product could be improved.

Do you already have a test group specialized for sports, wellness, healthy lifestyle and healthy food? 

On our tester database, there are thousands of testers interested in sports, wellness and healthy lifestyle from athletes to healthy exercisers and non-moving testers. Accurate profiles of the test group members / test groups can be selected by the customer so that test group corresponds to the users of the product. Consumer experience can be executed as individual meetings, group situations, in real conditions or as a combination of all of them.


Consumer experience themes

Consumer experience concentrates on the themes that are the most important and interesting for the customer. Themes can be for example:

– Outward appearance, attractiveness and distinctiveness of product packaging
– Information labels of the packaging
– Nutritional information and ingredients
– Functionality of product packaging
– Texture of products
– Taste of products
– Product to to sold (product itself)
– User friendliness of the product
– Functionality of the product
– Objective user opinion and experience
– Ideas for improvement and new ideas

See consumer experience example from here.