Testing Lab test groups of endurance trainers and fitness enthusiasts tested Lidl’s Sportyfeel sports nutrients in real training conditions during a 4-week consumer testing period.


The consumer experience covered

– Outward appearance of product packaging
– Information labels of the packaging
– Nutritional information
– Functionality of product packaging
– Mixing of powders
– Texture of products
– Taste of products
– Product effectivity and functionality
– Ideas for improvement and new ideas
– A comparison to similar products


Test groups

A test group of 16 fitness center trainers were interested in weight control and they were aware of the benefits of protein. The fitness center trainers tested the following products:
– WHEY pro+ protein powders
– Protein+ protein bars
– L-carnitine drinks
– Protein puddings


A test group of endurance trainers tested products that were especially made for fitness enthusiasts. The endurance trainers tested the following products:
– RECO pro+ recovery drink powders
– Protein+ protein bars
– Ready recovery drinks
– Sports Drink powders


Previous sports nutrition usage of the testers

The testers had previously used sports nutrition products before training, during training, after training and as a snacks during the day or in the evening. The testers use sports nutrients daily or weekly.

The testers had previously used sports nutrition products from the following brands: Dexal, Easy body, Enervit, Fast, Flow, Gainomax, Gatorade, Get in shape, Gutzy, Hart-Sport, High5, Isostar, Leader, Maxim, Mass, Powerade, PowerBar, QNT, Rainbow, Sportyfeel, Squeezy, Star nutrition, Teho Sport and Valio.


Testers’ experience after the 4-week test period


Weight control

– Sportyfeel products contain a lot of protein and it helps in weight control
– An easy way to get protein regularly and to get more protein during the day
– A satisfied and full feeling comes or stays and no feeling of hunger during the day
– No sweet tooth during the day
– Testers felt they became lighter during the test period



– More lively feeling during the working day and the whole day
– A refreshing and balanced feeling during the day
– An energetic and powerful feeling



– Training becomes more efficients when energy does not run out and hunger does not occur during training
– Trainings can be done with intensity
– Muscle cramps and pains decrease
– Muscles have enough strength to train for longer
– The amount of training can be increased
– Power can be increased to a higher level more often
– Better recovery
– Better shape and better results

The quality of the products surprised testers positively. 100% of endurance trainers and 94% of fitness trainers would recommend Sportyfeel sports nutrients to friends. Overall 97% of the test group would recommend Sportyfeel sports nutrients to friends.


The best aspects of Sportyfeel sports nutrients


Tested brand

Tested high quality sports and wellness products are awarded with the Tested Testing Lab brand licence. Sportyfeel sports nutrients have been awarded the Tested Testing Lab brand licence.