Take an advantage of Testing Lab expertise and knowledge. Ensure product quality, functionality and user friendliness and point out the benefits and positive effects of using the product. Objective user experience in real conditions brings forth user feedback, opinions, needs, ideas and innovations. Test your product and ensure its high quality and make sure that it responds to consumers’ needs. User testing period can be between 1 month – 1 year.

User testing themes

User testing concentrates on the themes that are the most important and interesting for the customer. Themes can be for example:

– Product first time use and user friendliness
– Guarantee product quality
– Show product functionality in real use
– Functionality of the product features
– Finds out and shows the benefits and positive effects on using the product
– Improvement and development of the product based on user experience
– Comparison to other similar products used by the test group


Test group

Test group size is normally between 15-100 testers. On our tester database, there are thousands of testers interested in sports, wellness and healthy lifestyle from athletes to healthy exercisers and non-moving testers. Accurate profiles of the test group members can be selected by the customer so that test group corresponds to the users of the product.


Tested Testing Lab is a sign of quality

Sport and wellness products are tested on sporting people. Tested high quality products are awarded the Tested Testing Lab brand licence, which can be used in sales and marketing in product package and in social media.


User testing report

Example from user testing report can be seen from here: Oatlaws products – User testing report