We execute short and long digital consumer researches based on customers needs and collect exercisers and wellness enthusiasts opinion widely. There are thousands of testers interested in sports, wellness, healthy lifestyle and healthy food from top athletes to healthy exercisers and non-moving testers. To be able to develop your product and clarify and expand your target group, you will need opinions outside your customers.



Consumer research themes

Consumer research concentrates on the themes that are the most important and interesting for the customer. Themes can be for example:

– Products on the market, new products, product packages and message of the product package
– Ideas as new products corresponding to customers needs
– New product or series of product for athletes, exercisers or well being enthusiasts
– What kind of products customers want to buy what is demanded from those kind of products
– The most important features of the future product (customers product category)
– Comparison of new product package choices
– Size of product packaging
– Brand image
– Price vs. quality vs. brand vs. buying easiness
– Find out the current state of the product category on the market
– Find out consumers’ market behavior
– What issues have an effect on buying decision when selecting products or when buying the product for the first time?

Consumer research group

On our tester database, there are thousands of testers interested in sports, wellness and healthy lifestyle from athletes to healthy exercisers and non-moving testers to answer digital consumer surveys.