100 testers used Polar Frost pain relieving gel for 2 months in order to get objective and reliable user experience. Testers performed three main test groups: competitive athletes, fitness enthusiasts and office workers with neck and shoulder tensions and pains. Each tester had pain relieving gel tube and roll-on.


Use of Polar Frost

Polar Frost pain relieving gel was absorbed immediately to skin and clothes stayed clean. When using gel to left leg, right leg had already dried during that time.
Skin stayed moisturized and soft. Testers loved Polar Frost roll-on because it was very easy and comfortable to use anywhere and any time. Gel texture was good and it was easy to use.


Efficiency of Polar Frost pain relieving gel

Gel had fast, efficient and long lasting cooling effect. Cooling effect was cold enough and deep enough to help and relieve muscle pains. Some testers felt that gel was even too cold when it was used in some specific body parts and this also showed the efficiency of the gel. If needed, the efficiency of the cooling effect could easily be increased by
– Using a bit more pain relieving gel
– Massaging painful place by using pain relieving gel
– Repeating the pain relieving gel treatment after 1-2 hours


Tester comments about the efficiency of Polar Frost

– ”The efficiency of Polar Frost changed my opinion from the of pain relieving cold gels”
– ”Pain relieving gel was unbelievably efficient”
– ”Absolutely the most efficient cold gel that I have ever used”


Polar Frost pain relieving gel vs. Cold bag

– More powerful functionality
– More constant cooling effect
– Longer lasting cold treatment
– Wider impact
– Comfortable and more user friendly
– Easier to use anywhere and anytime


Neck and shoulder tensions and pains

Testers were positively surprised that gel relieved pain so quickly and efficiently.  Polar Frost cooling effect was pleasant to neck and shoulders. Polar Frost helped to neck and shoulder pains and tensions. Shoulders became relaxed and loosened and shoulders did not felt so tight anymore. Also back and neck tensions and pains relieved. Pain relieving gel helped also to headache and migraine and some testers said that Polar Frost is better than pain killers or other medicine.


Tensions and pains caused by sports

Polar Frost gave instant and powerful cooling effect and pain relieve. The biggest benefits of using Polar Frost were that tensions relieved, muscles relaxed and muscle recovery fastened. Recovery started in a fast and efficient way after training. Muscles did not feel so painful, hard and strained anymore. Leg tensions caused by daily and hard competitive based training relaxed and legs felt more elastic and flexible than normally. By using Polar Frost, it was more comfortable to start training session on the next day.


Best of Polar Frost pain relieving gel


Tested brand

Tested high quality sports and wellness products are awarded with the Tested Testing Lab brand licence. Polar Frost pain relieving gel is awarded the Tested Testing Lab brand licence. 96 % of the testers would recommend Polar Frost pain relieving gel to a friend which means that 96 from 100 testers would recommend Polar Frost pain relieving gel to a friend.