10 testers noticed functionality and pleasantness of Gymba activation board during 1 month objective consumer testing operated by Testing Lab.

Test group

Test group consisted of 10 office workers which used standing desk. Some ot the testers had previously used saddle chair and some of the testers were pfysiotherapists. Testers used activation board 5-6 hours daily during one month.

Working by using activation board

Working by using activation board was as easy as standing on a hard surface. Testers were unanimous that working by using a standing activation board was more pleasant than standing on a hard surface. Activity board is flexible and it adapts well to position changes. Board is surprisingly stable and it enables normal working without any problems. When using Gymba activation board, overall state is lively after a working day.

Movement enabled by the activation board

Activation board gives many opportunities to move in front of a standing desk while working. When workin by using Gymba, body would not be on a stable state for a too long time. Board moves also in front-back direction as shown in figure below. Testers noticed that muscle activation achieved by using the activation board made standing easier and pleasant.

Benefits on using the activation board

1.Less muscle pains and tensions.

2. Correct posture stays better than when activation board is not used.

3. Legs are not as tired as normally after a working day when using Gymba.

4. Body does not become numb.

5. Texture of the board is nice for soles.

6. The overall state on muscles is more elastic.

7. Blood circulation got more efficient and standing resting heart rare decreased average 4,5 beats on the test group.

8. Standing office work becomes pleasant.

9. Gymba is surprisingly stable and it enables normal working.

10. Gymba has a positive effect on the progression of a working day.

11. Especially ankles, calves andd buttock become more elastic.

12. Working by using Gymba standing activation board is more pleasant than standing on a hard surface.

Last test day without activation board

Testers did not use Gymba activation board on the last test day and then

  • Floor started to feel unpleasant and hard to sole
  • Incorrect posture of working by using a standing desk got back
  • Muscle pains got back
  • Legs got more tired
  • It was difficult to keep a good posture
  • Testers would have wanted to use Gymba during the day and they were missing the benefits of the activation board
  • Testers long for the swinging movement of the board and that board keeps body active

Recommend to a friend

All testers will continue using the board after the test period. 100 % of the testers would recommend Gymba activation board to a friend.

Tested brand

Tested high quality sports and wellness products are awarded with the Tested Testing Lab brand licence. Gymba activation board is awarded the Tested Testing Lab brand licence.