Green Stallion is a 100 % natural electrolyte developed for horses. Green Stallion consists of amino acids and minerals in order to increase the amount of drinking and to improve performance, stamina and recovery. Green Stallion is tested at Testing Lab by using objective test group with 25 testers.

The test was performed in two periods:

  • Period 1: 1-1,5 months on december and on january in Finland. This means winter conditions and temperature was above and below zero degrees during the test period
  • Period 2: 1-1,5 months on june and july in Finland. This means warm and sunny conditions  and temperature was 20-30 degrees during the test period

In total the product was used by 67 horses as follows:

  • Race horses (47)
  • Show jumping and event horses (17)
  • Other horse use (3)

Summary of the test results

  • 88 % of the testers would recommend Green Stallion to a friend
  • 68 % of the testers were pleased to an increased performance
  • 84 % of the testers were pleased to recovery
  • 91 % of the horses increased desire of drinking
  • 93 % of the horses product was tasty
  • Horses were more attentive
  • Fur became more shining

Best of the Green Stallion

Test results

The results were similar on winter and summer test periods. Anyhow, on sunny and warm summer weather testers noticed the effects of using the product a bit more clear/efficient way then during the test period on the winter conditions. This was shown especially on stamina. During the both test periods, using the product had similarly positive effect on drinking. Animals drink more compared to drinking only water.

Tester comment: ”We have been very pleased to Green Stallion because it has increased the derise of drinking and during the test period the horse has inproved performance, stamina and recovery. During the summer test period, the appearance of a fur of the horse has become more shining and the horse has been more sharp.We will continue using the product after the test period because the product is tasty and it’s effects are obvious.”


During the test period, horses were more energetic and that was shown also on performance. Increased energy did not cause anything negative on horses. Horses were relaxed and event horses concentrated well on the given tasks. In case of one horse, typical scaryness did not increase, instead it decreased. Horses had better performance on trainings than usually and performance stayed on a good level all the way to an end of tougher training sessions.

The performance of the horses stayed good whole hot summer season. The performance of the horses on trainings and competitions increased when using the product. During the test period, there were noticed speeding up on the training drives on the race horses.

Tester comment: ”The horse has been able to run fast longer time on the homestretch”

Tester comment: ”During the test period, we have been able to fasten the speeds on the training drives. Before the test period, training speeds were on the level of 1.35-1.45 and now we have achieved 1.25 level.  Especially at the end of the training drive we have let the horse to run freely and there has been significant fastening on the speed of a final line after the last curve.”

Increased performance could be noticed also on the sweating of the horses. The horses were sweating less than normally on similar training on similar conditions.

Testers told that electrolytes and increased amount of drinking have had a positive effect on performance and especially on maximal performance. If horse had used electrolytes regularly when the test period started, the results on an increased performance were not as clear on some of those horses. Some of the horses were in the basic fitness season (not a race season) and they were not able to estimate the performance and recovery or it was not easy. 68 % of the testers were pleased (45 %) or very pleased (23 %) on an increased performance. 32 % of the testers were not able to estimate the effect on performance.


During the test period, horses had been more brisk and they have had a good stamina on the trainings. Show jumping horses had enough stamina also when they trained longer courses. As a whole, the increase on stamina could be shown on the best way on long training sessions.

The horses were lively and they go to training sessions on a pleasant way. The horses were able to move well compared to earlier time when the product was not in use. In addition, there were no noticeable energy drop down when the product was used. Despite the warm and sunny summer weather, the horses have had good stamina to train regularly and also hard.

During the test period, horses had been more brisk and they have had a good stamina on the trainings. Show jumping horses had enough stamina also when they trained longer courses. As a whole, the increase on stamina could be shown on the best way on long training sessions.


Recovery was faster than normally

  • Horses were more energetic after trainings
  • Horses were more lively on the mornings after tough training days
  • Readiness to the next tougher training session was better

After the hiits recovery has been fast and horses had not been as breathless as normally. Also heart beat has decreased fast to the rest heart rate level.

Tester comment: ”During the test period we were able to increase the amount of hiit frequence”.

Two similar tough training days next to each other showed that race horses were able to do the same hard training on the next day as they did on the first day. Horses used 60 ml of the product after the first training and on the next morning before the training.

Horses recovered well from the training sessions and their muscles were relaxed and muscles stayed in good condition. The horse massager said that the state of being stuck was smaller compared to the massages before the test period was started.

Tester comment: ”Horse who normally have had problems on recovery, was recovered quickly also from the tougher training sessions during the test period by using the product”.

The horses recovered well and they did not which means that their weight did not lose after hard training during the warm summer season. Despite the summer season, horses were always recovered from the previous training.

Tester comment: ”Recovery of the horse has fastened during the test period. In the training sessions we have been following heart rate values of the horse and how fast the horse recovers to the normal state. Even on the hottest summer days recovery has been fast in case of heart rate values and the overall state of the horse”

Based on the feedback of the test group, it was noticed that the most positive effect on the horses happened in recovery. 84 % of the testers were pleased (48 %) or very pleased (36 %) on recovery. 16 % of the testers were not able to estimate the effect on recovery.

Increased attentiveness

Horses were more attentive and they observed the environment more than normally both in training and in other time. Horses were alert and they concentrated better than normally. Horses reacted more easily on voice and commands.

Tester comment: ”Horse was before quite shy for example for the tractors in the race area. When using the product, horse came more relaxed and it was not firstly running away when new things were shown up”.


The product was tasty and also horses that were normally choosing their nutrition carefully liked the product. Only 5/67 horses did not like the product or at least a lot of practising was needed.

The desire of drinking

The desire of drinking was increased. Only 6/67 horses the desire of drinking was not increased and those horses were drinking quite well before the test period.

Increased desire of drinking

  • Before the test period some of the horses did not drink pure water before or after training. When Green Stallion was added to the water, horses drinked the water before and after the training almost without exceptions.
  • Horses drink water also in cold conditions which has normally been a big problem.
  • Drinking and hydration problems have decreased because horses started to drink also more pure water during the whole day when they started to use Green Stallion. Water baskets went empty more efficiently than normally.
  • In case of one horse, the desire of drinking was inreased so much that stall was wet in the mornings.

The product helped to maintain the hydration balance. Metabolism was increased when the product was used. The product was very good to support a daily well being of the horse.

One stable had used Green Stallion and also race horse specific nutrition (not ready bag feed) for several years. Horses have not had any stomach problems during this time. The stable said that Green Stallion is great because it is natural, unprocessed and mineral rich. Horses of the stable also started to drink better when they started to use Green Stallion. Before that Drinking was difficult also on race places. When Green Stallion is in use, horses also drink on race places after race and recovery starts better and faster on that way. Horses of the stable are well hydrated and due to that the appearance of a fur of the horses gets better, fur is more shining and muscles can be seen more clearly. The stable said that when horse drinks well, it also eats better. Horses of the stable look and feel great. On the pictures, there can be seen the winter fur of two horses of the stable.

The use of the Green Stallion

Testers were given instructions on how to use the product.

  • Tough training or warm conditions 3-4 spoons (1 spoon = 15 ml) and easy training or cold conditions 1-2 spoons. Spoons could for example be mixed with 10 litres of water.
  • It was recommended to use the product daily. Product could be used 1-3 times a day and the amount of spoons could be chosen based on training and conditions.

Final report

Final report can be read from the link below:

Tested Testing Lab brand

Tested high quality sports and wellness products are awarded with the “Tested Testing Lab” brand licence. The Green Stallion is awarded the “Tested Testing Lab” brand license.

Blood glucose measurements

20 horses and 10 measurements on each horse. Wellion Vet Gluco Calea blood glucose meter (own chip for dogs and horses) and Wellion Vet Gluco Calea test sripes were used. Blood glucose level range reported on the test stripes for the horses were 5,4-8,8 mmol/L. Blood glucose level was measured before using the product and 30 minutes after using the product because on that time blood glucose level shoud be at the highest level. In addition, testers wrote down possible other nutrition and sport between the measurements. If single measurements were not reliable, those were not included to the results. For example, if blood glucose of the second measurement was decreased compared to the  first measurement before the product was used.

Results of the blood glucose measurement

Results of the blood glucose measurements are shown on the table below.

Maximum value of the blood glucose did not increase over the normal reference range (8,8 mmol/L) on any horse. Average blood glucose before using the product was 5,5 mmol/L. Average blood glucose 30 min after using the product was 6,6 mmol/L. On average blood glucose increased 1,1 mmol/L.

Figure below illustrates the effect of using the product on blood glucose. Orange curve shows blood glucose 30 min after using the product and grey curve shows the maximum value of normal reference range of the blood glucose. Results show that blood glucose is yet far from the maximum value of the normal reference range of the blood glucose (=safe blood glucose level).

Comparison of the Green Stallion to other products

Green Stallion is so multi-function product that comparative products cannot even be found. This means that many products can be given to horses at the same time. For example electrolytes and in addition to that molasses or mash.

Benefits of the Green Stallion are following:

  • Esy product to use compared for example to messing up with molasses or swelling of mash
  • Efficient and plentiful product because only 10-40 g of Green Stallion is mixed into a water bucket. Daily dose of molasses is as much as 200-300 g.
  • Natural product
  • Tasty Product
  • Increases the desire of drinking
  • Glycemic index (GI) is low and product is absorbed slowly giving nutritious energy for a long time
  • Results of the blood glucose measurements showed that when Green Stallion is used, blood sugar level remains well on reference values. This means that the product is safe to be used also on the view of blood sugar level
  • Increases stamina and recovery